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This is pure Gold

  The back and forth at the White house between Trump and Pelosi and Schumer was exactly what Government should look like. They all go there say and stated there positions and now the American people can decide who to get behind. I wish we saw more of what goes on behind closed door when it comes to policies that affect us so much.

John Kelly Leaving as White House Chief of Staff

Kelly Seemed to bring some kind of order to the white house. He was however a big supporter of the current Homeland security director that Trump is said is week on immigration enforcement. One has to wonder with Trumps style if he really felt restricted by Kelly.

Really? which is worse?

So baby its cold outside is offensive to women and needs to be banned on radio, but classics by Little Wayne, Eminem and other rappers who call women bitches and ho’s and show graphic images and videos of women shaking there ass for them are not.