President Trump offers Daca protection for wall funding

This move could be seen as desperation by some or a stroke of genius by others. This may also be the last offer by the president before he invokes his power to create a national emergency and build the wall without a deal. That of course will be taken to court immediately by democrats in either NY or California.

President Offer DACA deal

Trump has met his match

According to newly elected congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Trump is a bully that needs to go fully through the impeachment process even though he has not been accused of any impeachable offense. She seems to be just another women voted into congress that seems to forget we have a constitution and are a country of laws. Perhaps congresswomen Tlaib should have spent more time learning the constitution and less time using word describing her fathers activities that unfortunately led to her birth .

Record number of Women In congress

Do we consider that a good thing or not? The metoo movement while have great intentions created an aura that convicted a man based solely on his being accused. This is not how the constitution works. Do we see more of the same or will it moderate?